Live Stream Info Temporarily Removed

Earlier today, we noticed a spike in bandwidth usage on the site. The last time we saw something like this happen was back in January, when we had a few spikes that occurred. Since that time, we’ve been monitoring this sort of thing very closely, and as a result of what happened today, we’ve temporarily disabled the live song information that’s normally found at the top of this page.

During all of this, the radio stream has remained unaffected.

Last time this happened, we found the cause to be an external application running on the same machine as the web server. This time, we’ve narrowed it down to be directly related to web traffic. There’s a couple reasons this could happen. One is that the re-code project specifically designed to reduce bandwidth usage on the site has completely backfired, and there’s something that’s being overlooked. The other possibility is that we, for some reason, had many more people visiting the site today than normal.

In either case, we’re actively working on a solution to the issue, and we’ll get the song info working as normal hopefully within the next few days.

My apologies for the inconvenience earlier today. We hope our listeners continue to enjoy the stream.