GSR5 Deployed

Our long-awaited website revision, dubbed “GSR5”, is finally being launched after several months of talking about it on our website. This new website version greatly expands the listener experience by providing new features never before seen in previous revisions of

Data-Server Browsable Music Database

A vast database including the music we play, and soon to encompass more than 40,000 song titles from the Touhou Music Universe, will be publicly available to all site visitors. You’ll be able to view at a glance details such as song ratings, artists, and an expanded list of contributors to songs and albums.

flag-blue Song Recommendations

One of the coolest additions GSR5 brings is Song Recommendations. Based on songs you’ve rated at, we’ll be able to provide a list of songs that we think you’ll like based on what other people are saying about songs through ratings.

laptop Improved User Experience

The website has been redesigned from the ground up to be more compatible with browsing across multiple pages. If your browser supports HTML5, you’ll be able to browse through pages on the site without interruption to the on-page music player.

user1 User Avatars and Profiles

New accounts at will be able to set their user avatar to represent themselves in our ever growing community of Touhou music fans, and soon, everyone will be able to set avatars and change information about themselves as a first step in creating a more interactive community. We’ll be adding to this aspect soon after release.

And Coming Soon…

favorite Song Favorites

Adding to song ratings will be Song Favorites. This adds another dimension in expressing what you think about certain songs. If you want to keep track of songs you really like, you can favorite them.

curvechart Improved Statistics

We’re going to be making some more information about the station available to site visitors. In addition to showing how much time people spend listening to Gensokyo Radio, we’ll be adding some more info including things like a listener count graph to show peak times for the station, connection quality based on country to detail which countries have the best connections to time listened ratio, among other things.

…as well as other features and extras not yet made available to the public!

We hope you enjoy the new and upcoming features at the new!

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LunarSpotlight | Posted on March 15th, 2013, 09:50:29 AM
Comments work again, whee~

NanoSatellite | Posted on March 15th, 2013, 10:12:02 AM

Ceal | Posted on March 19th, 2013, 07:51:44 AM
The new site is pretty =3