GSR Status Update


First of all, I’d like to welcome anyone and everyone who listens to our radio stream or is a part of the Touhou community in some way to our Steam group. Moving forward, we’ll be posting status updates for those on the Steam platform as an alternative to our main website at

Now, down to business…

Recently, the server that hosts the stream for GSR went over on its bandwidth usage for the month of January. However, it’s not what you’re thinking. The overage was due to an influx of incoming traffic to the server, and was not due to the number of listeners to the stream. The amount of traffic received was several GB of data. We’re still investigating the exact cause of this influx.

The bottom line is that the stream will remain down until February 1st, 2012. From there, we’ll be monitoring bandwidth usage closely to ensure that nothing like this happens again. The server we’re hosting on has never even come close to going over on its bandwidth since we started using it more than a year ago, so this was a pretty shocking development.

We hope our listeners understand, and we look forward to having you back when the stream goes live again!