GR Live #103 & Touhou Music's Digital Expansion

It’s the ⑨th update! Yesterday, we broadcast GR Live #103 and talked about the recent development surrounding Touhou music due to hit Spotify at the end of this month. We had a good discussion about how this might affect artists, and where our radio station fits into all of this. We also recently received a bunch of brand new music, some of which came out just last month during Reitaisai. If you missed out, the episode will be up about a week from today.

We also added and fixed a few minor things with our website, including improved accessibility with login, adding a login button on the player page, merging the play and stop buttons into one button on the player page, re-adding the page about our Protein Folding team (#folding-team), and adding a link at the footer for access to .pls and .m3u files.

If you’re waiting on a store item, we’ll be shipping a bunch of stuff out this week including the April 1st “Lunar Tech Tips” bottles and the first round of 10th anniversary GR pins. Stick around for more news and updates, and thanks for listening!

[Knowledge #9]