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I remember when I wrote an article at the beginning of every month, giving some facts and figures about the status of the website and station. I’m not really sure how many people actually liked hearing about all that stuff, so I haven’t written about it for the past several months. However, I do think there’s a few numbers that have come to light recently which are worth mentioning.

Starting in the first week of September, our Facebook fan group hit the 4,000 likes milestone. It took a little more than a year to do that, which is pretty remarkable. If nothing else, it means that over 4,000 people have at least heard of Gensokyo Radio, and that fact alone is pretty cool.

During Gensokyo Radio Live #13, we passed the 400 member mark for our Steam Community group. The Steam Community is probably the smallest branch off of us, but it’s the most active place to be during the Live shows, so it makes sense that we picked up a few more members there last weekend.

Our promotional campaign involving handouts is nearly over for the year 2013, and we’ve had some pretty awesome success with that. One way we’re able to see results is that, on the reverse side of this year’s handouts, there are a couple custom QR codes which recipients are able to scan with a smartphone. Not everyone who receives a handout has a smartphone or scans it, but we’ve seen more than 100 scans so far. What’s interesting is that people do continue to scan them for weeks after the convention or event they were passed around at, so the number tends to jump at convention time, and then slowly rise for a time afterwards.

Finally, passed 1,000 registered members on the website. That did take a while to do, but admittedly, there aren’t a ton of reasons to register an account at this time. We do, however, think that the people who registered are pretty awesome, because it means there’s more people rating songs and interacting with others on the site. We do allow comments on the site from unregistered users, but if you’re going to stick around anyway, may as well get an account.

On that front, with GSR 5.1, I hope to add some more functionality to user profiles and such, so that those who are currently registered can change their avatar among other things. And since I can hear some people asking that question through the screen, “Lunar, when is GSR 5.1 coming out?”, it’s much more of a balancing act for me this time than it was when 5.0 came out, namely because I’m handling twice as much schoolwork as last semester. When I know more, you’ll know more. That’s all I can say for now.

As a last note, we’ve received a big response from our listeners for the T-shirt design vote, and there’s a pretty fierce battle happening between two designs in particular. We’re also reading the comments that people have submit, and we may make some final tweaks to the design that people pick; hopefully they’ll be viewed as improvements. I still need to do some math for domestic and international shipping figures, as well as start work on an ordering system (likely processed by PayPal) before we can start doing actual orders. I hope to have that ready to go later this month.

Thanks everyone for your continued support, and thanks for listening! ~

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Khoury | Posted on October 9th, 2013, 03:07:21 AM
I think the monthly statistic reports are great; seeing the actual stats helps assure me that GKR is alive and kicking. Again, kudos to the GKR staff and keep up the quality work!

TrollingKiwi | Posted on October 9th, 2013, 07:08:19 AM
Like Khoury, I also don’t mind the monthly status reports :). It gives me an idea of how everything’s doing, and tells me if I need to donate more in order to keep one of my fav stations alive and active :). Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether you publish them or not. On another note, I’m GREATLY anticipating the T-shirt designs :slight_smile: (I’ll be buying it no matter what the design turns out ot be but I’m still excited :D) Good luck with classes AND with getting GSR 5.1 and the t-shirt stuff ready! :smiley: I’ll be rooting for you.

Yakumo Copper | Posted on October 14th, 2013, 08:25:23 AM
I second TrollingKiwi’s comment completely. I only found this site a few days ago, and I love it. I’ll support it as much as I can!

FwFKisume | Posted on October 16th, 2013, 05:33:37 PM
waiting for the T-shirt °(^.^)°