Final Week for Artwork

It’s coming down to the wire as the final week to submit your artwork for Gensokyo Radio’s callout to artists for the 2014 season is nearing its end.

As we’ve noted before, participants in this contest will all receive one of those mysterious token codes that we’ve mentioned here and there, and those will have more use later this year as we continue working on the next big thing at GR. The real draw, though, is what the winner of this content will receive:

  • $20-25 in credit towards Steam games (depending on how prize is awarded)
  • Artwork printed on a minimum of 500 handouts with artist info on each, distributed globally
  • Free GR “Digital Miko” T-Shirt with complimentary shipping to anywhere in the world
  • Two token codes

We have had people ask if we’re able to extend the deadline beyond March 1st, 2014, and the answer is, unfortunately not. However, if you submit artwork which is mostly complete and we think it might be worth an extra few days to wait for the finished product, we’ll let you know, so if you’ve been working on something and it’s not quite done, send in what you have. After the deadline hits, our staff will deliberate on which piece of artwork we receive will be the one we choose, and then we’ll need to send in the print order soon after. These handouts will be coming with us on our journey to Anime Boston in March, which means everything must be ready before that time.

Thanks for listening! ~