Current & Future Events for Spring 2014

Hey there everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a general update on how things are going station-side, so here are some things we’ve been doing lately. Before that though, I want to remind everyone that we are still looking for volunteer promoters for this year’s campaign. We’re already doing a lot on our own this year, but volunteers have the sort of reach that we could never truly have. Let us know if you’re interested!

First and foremost, the order for the 2nd run of “Digital Miko” T-Shirts has been submitted! We exceeded our goal, receiving nearly 40 orders from people in just two weeks, which is sort of mind-boggling, but yeah, that happened. We did order some extras as well just in case there are others that couldn’t make the sale. Pre-orders from this sale are scheduled to be shipped from our studio location in the first week of May.

When the shop opens up again, shirts will remain at a reduced price until they’re gone, and when that happens, they’re gone for good. This was our last order for this design, meaning that there will be 180 Digital Miko T-shirts in existence. People have already asked if we’ll come up with a different design in the future, and there’s a chance that we will, but it won’t happen until 2015 if it does.

You may already be aware, but last week, we spent a few days progressively updating the library with new music, and trimming a lot of music out that just didn’t fit in anymore. We still have a bit of music we want to bring to the active library, as well as songs that we want to trim according to the listener ratings. At this point, we’ve pretty much filled the station server near capacity with approximately 40% more music than before. New circles are also hitting the station with this update such as Esquaria, Poplica, Riverside, and Yellow Zebra.

Well, maybe not at Gensokyo Radio, but this is still pretty cool.

Tomorrow (April 19th) in Toronto, Canada, a unique combination of people, anime music, and the DJ’s from Kawaii Bass will converge at one location, creating an awesome atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else on this side of the planet. While I was at Anime Boston 2014, DMJ and I ran into someone known as Epikuro, the founder and host of Kawaii Bass, and after chatting for a bit, he ended up with 100 of this year’s Gensokyo Radio handouts. With that said, if you’re there, you might find us in paper form there as well (provided he hasn’t already exhausted his supply). Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to find myself at one of these venues.

If you want to hear some of what they’ve played at past venues, Epikuro has a SoundCloud with mixes of Touhou, Vocaloid, and others into multiple 1 hour+ tracks.

Ever since Boston, our numbers have reached new heights, both in terms of listener average and listener peaks. It’s really cool to see an increase in listeners from the New England states as well (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, etc.), showing us that local promotion really does have an effect. Generally, our daily listener averages are starting to hit in the 50’s more regularly, with peaks hitting in the high 70’s and low 80’s. Our current station server setup is able to handle this increase just fine, so there are no issues on that front for the time being.

Future Stuff!
We’re actively working on some new systems behind-the-scenes, one of those systems being the new live info display system. In reality, that system is a brand new playlisting system which will enable the staff (and possibly listeners) to have more control over what the station plays. If you’re thinking “requests”, you’re not far off. That may well be one of the things that becomes possible to do once the system is more mature. For now, it’s still in development.

Future Events!
One of the latest developments at Gensokyo Radio is the possibility of another staff meetup this year, this time at ColossalCon in Sandusky, Ohio, taking place in June. This is a seriously recent development, so we don’t have much info on it. Basically, if it happens, LunarSpotlight & DMJ654 would be the staff on-location, and it wouldn’t be nearly as involved as Boston was with the panel and such. We would essentially just be visiting the con like most others, getting the word out closer to the Midwest region of the US.

With that, I feel I’ve sufficiently updated you all on what’s happening at the station. We’ll be back to let you know more about the 2nd run of shirts when they arrive, as well as our next Live show which is currently scheduled for May 9th, 2014.

Thanks for listening! ~

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DMJ654 | Posted on April 19th, 2014, 04:23:46 AM
For those wondering I used to live in Avon Lake about 45 mins east of Con Location, and this would be the first time stepping foot in town for a con. If this were to happen, this would be very special for me.